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From 1 February 2024

Changes to the Green Permit for Ultra Low and Low Emission Vehicles

From 1 February 2024, the ultra-low emissions permit will cost £315 per annum, which is a 50% discount on full price parking charges.

For the last ten years we’ve provided this permit for free to encourage the use of electric vehicles and promote on street charging.

In that time, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle use has increased significantly and the rationale for providing free parking has fallen away. 

There’s also more demand for charging spaces, so later this year (likely from June) we’ll be introducing a four-hour maximum stay so more people get to use the chargers instead of one person potentially parking for the whole day.

The 50% discount on full price parking is expected to run until 1 January 2025, when the low emissions and ultra-low emissions permits are due to become £630

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CMK Parking Changes (2024 / 2025)

From 1 February 2024, the minimum stay in Premium (red) and Standard (purple) parking tariff bays in Central Milton Keynes will change.


  • The minimum stay in standard (purple) bays will become two hours (previously one hour).
  • The minimum stay in premium (red) bays will become one hour (previously 15 minutes).


There are no changes to the price per hour, which is £1 for two hours in standard bays.

People can continue to pay by cash or card at parking machines, or by card on the RingGo app.

We've made this change in response to requests from shopping centres and leisure attractions who want to encourage shoppers and visitors to spend more time in the city centre.


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