Building control fees

The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010

Scheme of charges

The current charges are split into domestic and non-domestic work and are available here:


Please make payment by phone or cheque, payable to Milton Keynes Council, at the time of your application.  

Full Plans applications should be submitted with the Plan Charge only. The Inspection Charge is invoiced after the first inspection.

Building Notice applications should be submitted with the Building Notice Charge.

Unauthorised work regularisation certificate

There is no upfront application charge for a regularisation certificate – fees are calculated individually by the building control team leader, following receipt of a full set of plans, details and specifications.

Exempt building work certificate

Exempt building work certificate applications must be accompanied by a £28 (inc. VAT) fee.

Building control applications for disabled work

Work providing access and/or facilities for people with disabilities, to existing public dwellings and buildings are normally exempt from fees. To see if your project qualifies, please see our guidance note.

Miscellaneous charges

Some charges apply for additional services and documentation, such as additional copies of decision notices and completion certificates.

View our Access to Building Control Records Guidance Note (PDF, 125KB).

Building Control

Building Control contact information

Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ