Reversion Application

Approved Inspector

Some people use private Approved Inspectors (regulated by Building Safety Regulator) rather than the local council to inspect their building work.

The Approved Inspector must notify us of this through an Initial Notice application. On completion of the work, the Approved Inspector must issue us with a final certificate to record on the public register.

What happens if the private Approved Inspector can't complete the inspection for your project?

If the building work hasn’t started, the Approved Inspector or the person carrying out the building work must cancel the Initial Notice with us through a cancellation notice (Form 6). The property owner must then appoint us or a new Approved Inspector.

If the building work has started, by law the Initial Notice reverts to the local council, a Reversion application must be made.

Failure to do so leaves the work without a valid application and may result in a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.

How to apply

  • Fill out the Reversion Application Form and Form 7. Form 7 is not required if your approved inspector is handling the cancellation.
  • Email the form(s) and supporting documents (such as approved inspector records, plans, specifications of the works, certificates, photos etc) to
  • As all councils charge for this service, we will provide you with a quote once we have processed your application. Our fee depends on the scale of the project.
  • Following payment, a surveyor will be in touch to arrange an inspection. We may ask for certain areas of the structural building work to be exposed for inspection but we will do our best to keep this to a minimum.

If you need further guidance, please get in touch with us, and we will assist you every step of the way.