Milton Keynes Retail Capacity and Leisure Study

Milton Keynes Retail Capacity and Leisure Study 2018

The Council’s Retail and Leisure Study has been produced for the Council by consultants Carter Jonas as part of the evidence base for Plan:MK.  The study forecast the amount of retail and commercial leisure floorspace required within the Borough over the period 2016-2031.

The study has also undertaken a health check of the main centres within the Borough including the city centre of Central Milton Keynes, Town and District centres and investigated the health of a sample of Local centres.  It makes a series of recommendations on frontages within key centres.  The Council‘s retail hierarchy has been reviewed but no additional centres are proposed to be added to it. 

To view the 2018 final report, click on the links below:

Main Report (PDF, 3.6MB)

Appendix 1 - Milton Keynes Study Area (PDF, 5.1MB)

Appendix 2 - CMK Health Check Summary (PDF, 748KB)

Appendix 3 - Kingston (PDF, 142KB)

Appendix 4 - Westcroft (PDF, 140KB)

Appendix 5 - Bletchley (PDF, 330KB)

Appendix 6 - Wolverton (PDF, 272KB)

Appendix 7 - Newport Pagnell (PDF, 251KB)

Appendix 8 - Olney (PDF, 242KB)

Appendix 9 - Stony Stratford (PDF, 265KB)

Appendix 10 - Woburn Sands (PDF, 76KB)

Appendix 11 - Pop and Exp Convenience (PDF, 52KB)

Appendix 12 - Pop and Exp Comparison (PDF, 53KB)

Appendix 13 - Convenience Market Shares (PDF, 70KB)

Appendix 14 - Comparison Goods Market Shares (PDF, 82KB)

Appendix 15 - Forecast Convenience Goods Turnover (PDF, 80KB)

Appendix 16 - Forecast Comparison Goods Turnover (PDF, 70KB)

Appendix 17 - Convenience Goods Capacity Assessment (PDF, 94KB)

Appendix 18 - Comparison Goods Capacity Assessment (PDF, 88KB)

Appendix 19 - NEMS Household Survey (PDF, 2MB)


2011 Update

This report is an update to the 2010 report. The 2011 Retail Capacity Report takes into account new retail commitments and population and expenditure forecasts. It assesses how much convenience (food) and comparison (non-food) floorspace will be needed in Milton Keynes in future, and makes recommendations on where it should be located.

2011 Retail Capacity Update (PDF, 511KB)

If printing this document, please note that the main report and appendix 1 are A4 sized and Appendix 2 is A3 sized.

2010 Main Report

In 2007, Milton Keynes Council commissioned consultants to produce a retail and leisure study to assess the future needs for shopping and commercial leisure facilities within the Borough. The study is a background technical document forming part of the evidence base for the Council's emerging Core Strategy, which outlines the vision, objectives and strategy for the development of the Borough up to 2026.

The main purposes of the study were:

- To assess if additional retail development is required within the Milton Keynes Council area and where it should be located.


- To forecast the amount of convenience (food) & comparison (non-food) floorspace required in the Borough in the future.

- To consider the role and potential of Central Milton Keynes and each district/town centre in the MKC area, taking into account development potential, design and other considerations.


- To assess the retail provision required to serve proposed expansion areas and Strategic Development Areas (SDAs) around the City.


- To provide details of retailers, services and commercial leisure operators seeking representation within the City or to expand their representation within Milton Keynes.

The report provides forecasts for retail floorspace in the years 2011, 2016 and an indication of retail needs in 2021 and 2026 based on assumptions about expected population and housing growth. The report also provides detailed information on the health of Central Milton Keynes, district centres and town centres, retail parks and a sample of local centres using a wide variety of different indicators.

The economic downturn led to changes in published expenditure growth figures, by both MapInfo and Experian. The revised forecasts were incorporated into the report resulting in lower floorspace requirements than previously forecast.

PPS4 did not result in the conclusions within this report being altered. The implications of PPS4's publication, in 2009, were addressed in the supplementary paper which can be viewed below.

PPS4 Report (PDF, 219KB)

To view the 2010 report, click on the links below.

Executive Summary (PDF, 143KB)

Main Report (PDF, 912KB)

Spreadsheets (PDF, 861KB)

Appendices 1 & 2 (PDF, 326KB)

Appendix 3 (PDF, 2.3MB)

Appendix 4(a) (PDF, 3.4MB)

Appendix 4(b) (PDF, 6.8MB)

Appendix 4(c) (PDF, 1.1MB)

Appendix 5 (PDF, 233KB)

Appendices 6 & 7 (PDF, 259KB)

Appendix 8 (PDF, 26KB)


Last Updated: 12 March 2018