Milton Keynes Council development review forum

The last development review forum was held online via MS Teams on Monday 1 November 2021

The following developments were discussed:

  • the redevelopment of the Santander facility at Shenley Wood to provide around 300 dwellings
  • the redevelopment of the Ex-Travis Perkins builders yard site on Simpson Road, Bletchley to 102 flats of 1,2 & 3 bedrooms, including parking provisions and landscaping

Who Can Attend?

  • The forum is a public meeting and is open to anyone

Overall aims of forum

  • streamline the planning application process by addressing stakeholder comments on design at the pre-application stage
  • improve quality of design elements within schemes
  • raise profile of design
  • allow for greater input by local stakeholders on design issues with aim of reducing local objections


  • An opportunity for developers to present their scheme at pre-application to stakeholders and make any changes in light of comments received.

What is in scope

  • focus is on design (layout and building/s appearance but can include landscaping and highway related matters, such as parking)
  • a report of what was said at the forum will form part of case officer's application report

What is out of scope?

  • discussion on principle of development or development's impact on surrounding area such as road network

Timing / sequencing of forum in the planning application process

  • application should ideally come to the forum after initial review of scheme by officers as part of the pre-application process


  • the forum is voluntary although MK Council initiated schemes will be submitted to the Forum.


  • the forum will take place every 2 months on Monday 6pm -7.30pm
  • meetings will be informal
  • a maximum of 2 applications will be presented and discussed at each forum. The format for each application will be as follows:
    • presentation by the applicant/agent – 15 minutes
    • questions and views from stakeholders present – 15 minutes
    • response by applicant to questions/comments – 15 minutes


  • the forum will form part of the pre-application process. The forum is not open for applicants who do not enter into a pre-application or planning performance agreement with the Local Planning Authority.

Chairing arrangements

  • the Forum will be chaired by someone from the Urban Design Team supported by the relevant case officers

Terms of reference

Past meeting notes

Planning Enquiries

Planning Enquiries contact information

Civic, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ