Following the launch of the Government ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme, Milton Keynes City Council has taken steps to support Ukrainian people arriving locally as they flee the war.  The UK government has introduced regulations to protect council tax discounts for single persons and limit impact on council tax payments for those sponsoring a family in a second property through the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

The scheme allows citizens, charities, and community groups to host Ukrainian refugees in their homes or other properties.

The regulations ensure that sponsors’ council tax discounts for single persons are protected and limit the impact on council tax payments for those sponsoring a family in a second property. 

If you were previously living alone and claiming single person discount and now hosting a Ukrainian refugee in your main home, you can still claim the discount. However, you need to contact us to notify that you have a Ukrainian refugee living with you.

If you are paying the full rate of Council Tax for an empty property and you let your property to a Ukrainian refugee(s) the Council Tax charge will be reduced by 50%. Please provide the names of the refugees, the date they moved in and evidence that they have permission to stay in the UK under the scheme.

Council Tax Regulations require us to issue bills in the name of the residents and therefore the refugee will be liable to pay the 50% Council Tax bill.  In some cases the sponsor may wish to make payment on their behalf but the bill will remain in the name of the occupier, who could also make a claim for council tax reduction.

You will be entitled to a 50% discount from your Council Tax if all of the following apply, you're:

How to apply

To apply for this discount you will need to email and include the following: 

  • address of the property
  • full name of all adults at the property (over 18 years old)
  • date you moved in
  • date the tenancy started (if applicable) 
  • confirmation of whether they are being hosted or are being housed under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

Please also provide any documentation you have to support that you have have permission to enter or to stay in the United Kingdom granted under the Governments Homes for Ukraine Scheme. This information can be sent to the email address above.

Ukrainians that have arrived through the Government Scheme will have their income and funding dealt with already.  Ukrainians that are sheltering with their own family members or friends should contact Universal Credit (UC) via the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for information on what help is available.  

For further information and assistance read about our Local Welfare Provision Team and how they can help.