Following the launch of the Government ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme, Milton Keynes City Council has taken steps to support Ukrainian people arriving locally as they flee the war. The Government has introduced regulations to ensure that hosting Ukrainian Refugees will not affect Council Tax.

Households hosting Ukrainian Refugees - Please contact us with details at we will need:-

  • Address where the Refugees are staying
  • Names of all Refugees 18 and over
  • Date moved in
  • Confirmation of whether they are being hosted or are being housed under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme
  • Name of host and address if different.

50% Reduction -  Ukrainians Refugees with their own tenancy that are being housed under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme will need to be made liable for Council Tax, but will receive 50% discount.

To apply for the reduction please contact us at . Proof must be provided of eligibility under the Homes for Ukrainian Scheme.

Ukrainians that have arrived through the Government Scheme will have their income and funding dealt with.  Ukrainians that are sheltering with their own family members or friends should approach Universal Credit (UC) via the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for information on what help is available. 

For further information and assistance from our Local Welfare Provision Team, see our website here:-

To  see if you may be entitled to any further reductions visit to apply for Housing benefit and Council Tax Reduction.