Parking Map and charges for Central Milton Keynes

Parking charges apply from 7 am-6 pm on all days except 25 December and Easter Sunday.

Theatre Multi-Storey Car Park

A delegated decision was taken on 17 November to formally close the Theatre MSCP.

Parking Guide

Central Milton Keynes has over 20,000 parking spaces.  The different types are colour coded in the guide below to help you find a space.

Please note charges for Commuter Parking in the Long Stay car park are £10 per day as from April 1 2018. 

RingGo cashless parking 

RingGo lets you pay for your parking without coins, you just need a payment card and a phone or pc.

You can register for RingGo on the sign up page or when you want to park.  The details to make payment can be found on the pay and display machines.

For enquiries go to their help page.

New payment Terminals for Central Milton Keynes

In February 2020 the council are introducing new payment terminals in Central Milton Keynes. Please read our fact sheet (PDF, 251KB)for further information.

Parking Revenue

Read this document (PDF, 208KB)to find out how parking revenue is spent in Milton Keynes.

Motorbike Parking

Please see our Milton Keynes Parking Guide (PDF, 3.3MB) for the location of the dedicated motorbike bays. Motorcyclists can park for free in the dedicated bays and currently in all pay and display parking bays, although they are still expected to abide by all other restrictions, e.g. parking only within marked bays (if possible, please park or leave room for more than one motorbike in a single bay), not parking on yellow lines or in resident or disabled bays etc.

Motorhome parking

There is no dedicated motorhome parking available in Milton Keynes. However, we allow motorhome parking across several parking spaces as long as payment has been made for all spaces taken (separate parking tickets should be purchased for each space used). Motorists are requested to ensure that the vehicle is contained wholly within the outer bay markings and does not overhang into the roadway, causing an obstruction. 

Privately operated car parks

Throughout Milton Keynes there are several car parks in the area owned and operated by private companies. The council has no powers over the control of these car parks; however, the council does attempt to work with owners to ensure as far as is possible a common approach to security, pricing and enforcement. Signing within the parking area should indicate the owner/manager of the car park, and contact details.

Last Updated: 13 March 2022