Rent and Service Charges Update


Milton Keynes City Council (MKCC) sets its rent and service charges and other charges to ensure compliance with current requirements laid down by Government and the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) various regulatory standards.

We ensure that all rents and charges are fully compliant with regulatory standards and are fair and transparent. Placing tenants, leaseholders and other service users are at the heart of decision making, offering a range of choice and quality services whilst demonstrating value for money and best practices.

UPDATE | March 2024

The voting on service charges has ended on 12 December, and on 26 February we have sent Rent and Service Charges 2024/2025 letters. Use the links below if you want to check consultation results, or if you have questions about the details of your letter.

Consultation Results

Customer Enquiry Form


Other information

Service Charge Elements 2024

FAQ on utilities increases 2023

Taking account of what our customers have told us around giving them detailed information, we have prepared a detailed response which you can find below.

Tenant Information on gas and electricity service charges 2023 - 2024_v1