Report it: Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement are responsible for investigating unauthorised development in Milton Keynes, so that the Council can take the most appropriate action against breaches of planning control.

The Council has produced a handy leaflet (PDF, 1.2MB) setting out the regulations around Planning Enforcement and Council’s approach to investigating and taking action.  Specifically it covers;

  • What is a breach of planning control
  • What the Council can do – Investigative Action
  • What the Council can do – Formal Enforcement

The Council’s approach to Planning Enforcement is carried out in line with its adopted Local Enforcement Plan (2017) (PDF, 10.6MB) and the Corporate Enforcement Policy (DOC, 240KB).  The Local Enforcement Plan sets out in detail how the Council manages and prioritises its Planning Enforcement work.

The planning enforcement officers are unable to assist with breaches which are not related to planning. The sorts of things we cannot help with are:

Last Updated: 15 August 2018