Policies, documents and guidance for governors





Adoption Policy - Schools June 2018

Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy Nov 2019

Appraising Teacher Performance model policy June 2018

Apprenticeship funding - Mar 2019

Child Protection guidance on writing a policy 2020

Child Protection record keeping guidance for schools - May 2019

Community Cohesion in Schools – Guidance and Training 2019

Competency Framework for Governance - Jan 2017

Complaints Model Policy - Mar 2019

Complaints Model Policy for managing serial and unreasonable complaints - Mar 2019

Constitution of governing bodies of maintained school - Sept 2016

Dignity at Work Policy for School Staff - June 2018

Disciplinary Policy applicable to Headteachers June 2018

Disciplinary Policy applicable to School Staff other than Headteacher June 2018

Disclosure and Barring Policy June 2018




Emergency process for maintained schools - Apr 2017

Equality Act Guidance for schools

Finance Information for Schools

Fixed Term and Temporary Contracts in Schools - 2018

Flexible Working Policy for School Staff revised 2018

Freedom of Information Act

Governance Handbook - 2019

Governors' expenses and allowance model policy - Sept 2019

Grievance Policy - Applicable to All School Staff - June 2018

Guidance on drafting a Child Protection Policy 2020

Health and Safety Policy Statement - Nov 2018

Click here to access to health and safety information (Password protected and free for community schools, community special schools and  VC schools)

For access and queries contact the Corporate Health & Safety Team  - CHST@Milton-keynes.gov.uk




Leave of Absence Policy for Schools - June 2018

Looked After Children Report - July 2019

Managing Attendance for School Staff- June 2018

Managing Underperformance Policy for School Staff (excluding Headteachers) - Nov 2019

Managing Underperformance Policy applicable to Headteachers - June 2018

Maternity Policies and Guidance:

Model HT report to Governors January 2020

Off-Site Visits and Related Activities with National Guidance and EVOLVE - Feb 2018




Pay Policy for school support staff - June 2018

Pay Structure School Support Staff - Single Status 1 April 2019

Pay Policy for Teaching Staff in Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools - October 2019

Pecuniary Interests Form Oct 2017

Pension Employee Contribution Rates - 1 April 2019

Phased retirement flexible working up to retirement - Teachers - June 2018

Probation Policy and Toolkit for school support staff - June 2018

Redundancy Policy and Guidelines for schools - July 2018

Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy




Safer Recruitment in Schools Toolkit and Appendices 1-14

Safeguarding Children in School Report to Governing_Trust Board - Dec 2019

Shared Parental Leave - Schools Policy - July 2018

Social Networking Policy - July 2018

Whistleblowing Policy


Last Updated: 3 February 2020