Milton Keynes Open Space Assessment

Milton Keynes Council is preparing an Open Space Assessment that will become a part of the evidence base for Plan:MK. The intention of the study is to understand the quantity, quality and accessibility of open space provision within the Borough. In turn, to ensure that public open space is provided for as part of new development and protected appropriately.

November 2017

Following the consultation with stakeholders in Autumn 2016, a revised list of open space categories was produced. We are now seeking comments on whether the categories and maps are logical and accurate.  

The Open Space categories can be found here:

Open Space and Recreation Facility Provision categories (PDF, 364KB)

The Draft 2017 Open Space maps can be found here:

Abbey Hill (PDF, 1.7MB) Lathbury (PDF, 619KB) Walton (PDF, 3.1MB)
Astwood Hardmead (PDF, 922KB) Lavendon (PDF, 1.1MB) Warrington (PDF, 584KB)
Bletchley & Fenny Stratford (PDF, 4.5MB) Little Brickhill (PDF, 1.2MB) Wavendon (PDF, 1.1MB)
Bow Brickhill (PDF, 971KB) Loughton (PDF, 2.2MB) West Bletchley (PDF, 5MB)
Bradwell (PDF, 2.6MB) New Bradwell (PDF, 1MB) Weston Underwood (PDF, 1.1MB)
Broughton (PDF, 6.7MB) Newport Pagnell (PDF, 4.4MB) Whitehouse (PDF, 600KB)
Calverton (PDF, 958KB) North Crawley (PDF, 1.9MB) Woburn Sands (PDF, 1.3MB)
Campbell (PDF, 3.8MB) Old Woughton (PDF, 1.3MB) Wolverton & Greenleys (PDF, 3.9MB)
Castlethorpe (PDF, 1.3MB) Olney (PDF, 2.1MB) Woughton (PDF, 3.7MB)
Chicheley (PDF, 759KB) Ravenstone (PDF, 1.1MB)  
Clifton Reynes & Newton Blossomville (PDF, 1.2MB) Shenley Brook End & Tattenhoe (PDF, 6.5MB)  
CMK (PDF, 12.5MB) Shenley Church End (PDF, 3.8MB)  
Emberton (PDF, 1.3MB) Sherington (PDF, 1MB)  
Fairfields (PDF, 546KB) Simpson (PDF, 1.1MB)  
Great Linford (PDF, 4.6MB) Stantonbury (PDF, 3.7MB)  
Hanslope (PDF, 3MB) Stoke Goldington (PDF, 1.1MB)  
Havesham (PDF, 1.9MB) Stony Stratford (PDF, 2.3MB)  
Kents Hill & Monskton (PDF, 2.4MB) Tyringham Filgrave (PDF, 753KB)  

You can submit comments by sending it to Milton Keynes Council by 5pm on 20th December 2017 via email to or by post to:

Development Plans,
Growth, Economy and Culture,
Milton Keynes Council
Civic Offices,
1 Saxon Gate East,
Central Milton Keynes,

Consultation October 2016

A consultation survey questionnaire was used to help us gather more information about open space in the Borough and capture views of the local communities on the quality and value of the open space. It also includes the maps showing open spaces that are being proposed for assessment.

The note is available at Open Space Assessment Note (PDF, 2.1MB)

The open space assessment Maps are available at the following links:

Open Space Assessment Borough Map (PDF, 3MB)

Open Space Borough Map (High resolution suitable for zoom) (PNG, 62.8MB)

Open Space Individual Parish Council Maps (PDF, 12MB)

Open Space: evidence base towards draft qualitative criteria (PDF, 4MB) (PDF, 4MB)

Last Updated: 30 November 2017